Blog #2 “I got caught up in the hype”
I remember the MySpace days when life was simpler. I mean I used to promote Rock shows in the Bay Area and that’s when I got all into promoting shows and stuff. My boy Van Go at the time put me up on game and had me help him with his shows and I got introduced to a whole new world of ARE YOU POPULAR? I used to rap with Tre and BenZL and I was beginning to form a vision of myself. Who was Vic? I was doing mixtapes or as I called them DA VIXTAPES and moved back to LA and started VSP and I would spend a lot of money and never make any and I would have some heavy hitters like Keith Murray and Mahtie Bush and more people on these mixtapes and as the hype grew so did my ego. I did shows with everyone and as many artist as I grew up listening to. I figured out a way in to the music scene and it was hella cool. I had fun. Chilled at their fancy pads and drank and slept with chicks and smoked hella weed BUT...For what? I was always cooking and developing my chef skills back then this was like 2000/1998-99 ish. I’m not sure I was a drunk! My point is that we build up in our brains our lives and with that our character. What kinda CHARACTER was I building? I dunno I was a big drunk. FAST FORWARD!!! The reason I labeled this blog and put that INSTAGRAM logo is cause even as an older cat I was trying to impress people. This message is for the younger crowd who thinks that popularity and stuff is cool. I can tell people now FROM MY EXPERIENCE nope. It’s not worth it. So this post goes out to those who think being Instagram and online famous is the way to go. Here’s from MY EXPERIENCE and things I used to do that I stopped doing and to each is own. Take it how you want. I haven’t t been online on anything besides google and yelp and a few other non social media sites now for well over a year and it’s helped me build my businesses and my relationships with my lady plus my family and friends. I still keep in touch just not as much. Not much has changed except I have more time for other things. Like actually talking on the phone with my love ones. Here my top 5. Take it how you want. And remember this. I fought this area of my life for a while. It’s a struggle but ultimately it’s helped make lots of money as a plus be focused more and helped me be in touch with reality. HERE YA GO! If you do any of these things YOU NEED TO CHECK YOURSELF!!! 😮😮😮😮😮 5.)You see other people’s posts and wanna either match it or post something better so the audience will see. (This was me. A barber post a pic and I was like damn I’m not that good yet but I’ll post something else to get peoples attention. I fealt like I was doing ok but I would get 3 likes. REALLY don’t worry about other people. Just do you. Those 3 likes where organic. Real people who really love your work. Focus on them. (80/20 I’ll talk about that in a later post.) 😮😮😮😮😮 4.) ENVY & OBSESSION OVER CERTAIN PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA I remember all the time I used to spend looking up different people and their pages. I mean like no sleep and just watching others. ITS ALWAYS good to watch and learn from people and reach out and grasp growth. Nothing wrong with that and I’m 💯 % on finding mentors I have so many to name and I’ll save that for another blog. (PEOPLE THAT MENTORED ME like LECHE-JACKIE-ROSA-IVAN-HECTOR-TYRIK-MARV-LOAF-THEFAMOUSBARBER and more.) I HAVE TO SAY that I’m always grateful for the people I seen and watched and learned from so this isn’t about that but this is about when your social media gets obsessed and you feel off track. Check yourself! 😮😮😮😮😮 3.) YOU’REALWAYS LOOKING 👀 AT YOUR POSTS FOR LIKES I know barbers who have 5 likes on a pic and are making more money then barbers that have 300 likes. That 💩 don’t matter. Marvy Marv and Tyrik taught me that early on. I’m a prime example. Y’all have no idea what I been doing this past year but it’s been amazing and I can guarantee it’s better then some of these jokers online perpetrating for likes. Whatever man. 😮😮😮😮😮 2.) YOUR DAY IS CONSUMED WITH POSTING THINGS. I had a schedule and posted so much that I was ignoring real life. There’s ways to automate things. I’ve learned now to balance my time. I’m a former addict so it’s no surprise I got addicted to social media. How often do you post and how much time are you taking to do that? Are you posting stuff next to your lady and telling her. Hold up let me post this real quick? If so. Again. Check yourself. And the #1 reason to check yourself is... 1.) YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND THE FIRST THING YOU DO IS CHECK YOUR IG PAGE. There’s been studies that show that when we wake up the first thing we do determines our day. For me I wake up and pray. Thank God. My phones in the drawer so I don’t reach for it quick. When my alarm rings I gotta physically get out of bed and that wake me up. Instagram and socials can wait for YOU. THERES ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO CHECK IT RIGHT OFF THE BAT. So there you have some of the things I do! So In the words of the legend ICE CUBE. (((CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF))) These are just my thoughts and I’m forever grateful for what Instagram has done for my career to begin it. I’m just in another phase. And when I do return to it I’ll be. I’ll be better equipped , don’t think I’m anti Socials. I love the internet and I’m always making $ off it. (To find passive income streams direct message me) Have a great week y’all!!! Vic